We breathe good beauty products and can’t live without them. We will guide you through the whole development process. From your first questions, wishes and brainstorms, to the commercial launch of your new beauty products. Years of experience in the cosmetic field has gained us a great network of production partners, industry professionals, retail partners, quality teams and logistics to cover the complete cosmetic process for retailers, brands and personalities. We’ve asked our team what their daily beauty rituals are. And yes, they will tell you their secrets!


Denise, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: I always wash my face with a mild cleanser followed by a skincare routine of 3 products: eye cream – serum – moisturizer. As we are developing many skincare products, I am usually using samples from the office to test the efficacy at home for 4-5 weeks. In the winter I use a thicker moisturizer with ingredients such as ceramides and in the summer I prefer a more light weighted option. Depending on the day, I either go for a full face make-up or fully natural. In both cases, the last step in my full routine is always the Nimya Set it & Forget it setting spray.

Evening: Before going to bed I double cleanse my face with either a balm or oil followed by a micellar water. Currently hooked on the LED light therapy masks so on my clean face I use a LED eye mask for 3-4 minutes. After that I will use a toner to restore the skin and end with a rich natural face oil.


  • Oil/serum & eye cream from our new upcoming brand 🙂
  • S’ABLE LABS black seed toner  
  • IT cosmetics CC cream SPF50


  • Always wash clean your face in the morning and in the evening
  • Always make sure to use SPF when exposed to skin 
  • Stay hydrated and sleep enough hours! 








Hossein, what are your beauty rituals?

“After waking up I wash my face with any soap that’s available at the sink and brush my teeth. I like to brush my teeth before breakfast. Then I make sure the kids get their breakfast, get ready for school and after Denise and the kids leave the house, I have the time to get ready! Denise is the one who buys beauty products, so I’ll use any shampoo or shower gel that’s available. I also like to test all samples and products from our clients. What I do use every day is baby oil for my body after showering. And for my face a day cream from samples, or if that’s finished I use something from Denise. We both share our perfumes, because we use unisex. I’m not loyal to beauty products, because we come across a lot of brands we all love to test them.”


SANAZ, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: As a busy mom, taking care of your skin and mental health is essential to feeling good and confident throughout the day. Even though my routine needs to be quick and easy, it’s important to me that my skincare still has a big impact on my skin! To start my morning, I enjoy a glass of tea and some music to set a positive tone for the day. I then move on to my skincare routine, which includes washing my face with lukewarm water and applying my Vitamin C serum, followed by the Nimya glow serum to keep my skin clear and glowing. I then apply my eye cream and finish with an all-purpose face cream. If I plan to wear foundation, I always finish with a glowy primer – right now, I’m loving the one from ELF! I also never forget to apply a coat of mascara and my favorite winged eyeliner for a classic, put-together look. Finally, I lock it all in with the set-it-and-forget-it setting spray from Nimya.

Evening: Taking care of your skin is so important, and it starts with a good evening skincare routine. No matter how tired I am, I always make sure to clean my face before bed. I start by removing my makeup with a cotton pad and micellair water, followed by the Ordinary face wash to get rid of any remaining dirt or impurities. Every other day, I use the glycolic acid from the Ordinary to exfoliate and renew my skin. I finish with my oil serum and some good old Vaseline on my lips to keep them soft and moisturized all night long.


  • Glycolic Acid from the Ordinary
  • Face oil serum (new brand coming soon)
  • ELF Halo Glow


  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate facial oils into your routine – they can really make a difference!
  • Take care of those often-neglected areas like your cuticles, elbows, knees, and feet.
  • Remember to smile more and worry less – the best beauty comes from within! 


Lieke, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: I’m not really a morning person so it’s always hard for me to get out of bed. Therefore, I never start my day without showering to be fully awake for the day! After a couple of years at Céleste, I’ve learned how to use the right skin and color cosmetic products for every day. I not only tested a lot of samples (that didn’t always work out for my skin..), but I’m also experimenting more with makeup (f.e. eyeshadows, highlighters, etc.) since I started here. However, I’m pretty natural in my daily rituals most of the times. After brushing my teeth & (sometimes) drying my hair, I always start my routine with the “License To Glow” Serum of Nimya, followed by an eye cream (an amazing new brand to be announced soon!!) and one of the day creams that we developed (e.g., War Paint or S’ABLE Labs moisturizer). I finish my routine by covering all the blemishes in my face with a concealer & some mascara on the lashes. Before I leave the house, I will always spray with my perfume and only then I’m ready to go! 

Evening: This part of my daily routine changed the most since I started working at Céleste. I know how important it is to go to bed with a fully cleansed face. Therefore, I always use the S’ABLE Labs cleanser first and a Micellar Water second to make sure all the dirt of the day is gone. Next to that, I try to use a liquid face mask every other day to give my skin that extra nourishing treatment. I’ll never go to bed without a good night cream & the lash serum of Sweed. Next to the daily routine, I’m also going to the beautician, pedicure and manicure every 6 weeks. It is of course good for my face, feet & hands, but for me the main reason to go is that I’m fully relaxing there. 


  • My every-morning-shower session. I couldn’t survive without it!
  • Blistex! The best balm to recover from dry lips!
  • “License To Glow” of Nimya. It really gives you an amazing healthy glow.  


  • Not all make-up gives you that heavy make-up look. You just need to find the right products. 
  • Always remove your make-up. Even though you’re feeling too tired, it is really better for your skin and helps against aging. 
  • Drink loads of water!!


Amal, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: As soon as I open my eyes, my cat lovingly wakes my up with some cuddles. It’s the perfect way to start my day. Next up, I wash my face and body with some icy cold water to really wake me up. My morning skincare routine is quick and easy. I begin by applying my moisturizer and nourishing eye cream to hydrate my skin and finish it off with my fave SPF lip balm (upcoming new product!). I start my make-up with the Nimya primer for a flawless and enduring makeup. I’m all about that fresh, glowy and dewy look. So I keep it simple with a little bit of concealer, liquid bronzer and blush. To achieve the signature cat-eye effect, I apply mascara only to the outer lashes. Finally, I complete my look with some lip gloss and fixing spray.

Evening: My evening routine is my favorite part of the day. Lately, I’ve been loving cleansing balms to get rid of all the dirt and makeup from my skin. Then I use the charcoal stick (a new upcoming product I can’t get enough of!), which leaves my skin feeling super soft. To top it all off, I apply some oil serum for that extra glow. It’s my go-to recipe for radiant skin, and I’m totally obsessed with it.


  • Liquid blushes!! They are easy to blend and give you a natural glow.
  • The charcoal stick from our own upcoming brand. 
  • The lip plumper from Too Faced.


  • Don’t pop your pimples, use blemish patches instead! 
  • Go for a massage once in a while to lower your stress level.
  • Water, water & water!


Maud, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: I prioritize my sleep, which leaves me with only 15 minutes to get up and go in the morning. As a result, my morning routine is very short. I wash my face and use the oil serum and eye cream from our new brand. Before my internship at Celeste, I hardly used any skin care products, but I learned that taking good and consistent care of your skin is important.

Evening: In the evening, my routine is also short and simple. I cleanse my face with Garnier micellar water and regularly use a facial mask, which is very relaxing. To top it off I use the Cerave moisturizing cream.


  • The oil serum and eye cream of our new brand.
  • Garnier micellar water is my favorite cleansing water. 
  • Cerave moisturizing cream.


  • For every eye shape, there is a suitable winged eyeliner style.
  • Be bold and incorporate color into your look, as it can brighten up your appearance.
  • A good skincare routine doesn’t necessarily have to contain a lot of products.


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