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We breathe good beauty products and can’t live without them. We will guide you through the whole development process. From your first questions, wishes and brainstorms, to the commercial launch of your new beauty products. Years of experience in the cosmetic field has gained us a great network of production partners, industry professionals, retail partners, quality teams and logistics to cover the complete cosmetic process for retailers, brands and personalities. We’ve asked our team what their daily beauty rituals are. And yes, they will tell you their secrets!







Denise, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: During the weekdays I have approximately 15 minutes in the morning for my skincare, make-up and haircare routine. I cherish every minute that I can stay in my bed, luckily I am very very fast!

My skincare routine is a splash (10x) of water, followed by the Nimya License to Glow serum and the CEO glow by Sunday Riley. To make sure all is well-absorbed I brush my teeth before moving to my make-up routine. My make-up during the week is quit the same. Starting with a good glowy primer (currently using and loving the Nimya “Where it all starts” cream), followed by the CC cream of IT cosmetics, bronzer/highlighter palette of Charlotte Tilbury and a liquid blush. When I am using eye shadow, most of the times I use sample colors of the office, to try and test the colors/finishes. When this is all done, I spray a good good amount of setting spray (either the Nimya License to glow or the Huda resting boss). I finish with applying some mascara, any dark black is good for me!

Evening: Whatever happens and no matter how much or little make-up I wear, I always cleanse my face in the evening. Double cleansing with an oil or balm cleanser and then remove all with a micellar cleanser followed by a toner. I then either choose a good rich moisturizer, a facial oil or an overnight mask to make sure my skin is really nourished and hydrated. At this moment I am in love with 2 products which we are going to launch beginning of 2022 so I can’t name the brand (yet😉).

Holy grails (3 all-time faves)

  • Pure lanolin, for dry lips, dry patches, dry everything.
  • 100% Marula oil from Drunk Elephant, I guarantee no break-outs!!
  • GHD heat protect spray, if you curl your hair this will make sure it lasts the whole day, plus it protects your hair against the heat.

Beauty tips

  • Let your products absorb properly, otherwise your make-up can get flaky or pilling.
  • When you have a pimple, don’t touch it, don’t treat it and even don’t cover it. This way, it will disappear naturally and without damage to the skin.
  • Enough sleep and water! If you are not healthy on the inside, this will (eventually) show on the outside.


Hossein, what are your beauty rituals?

“After waking up I wash my face with any soap that’s available at the sink and brush my teeth. I like to brush my teeth before breakfast. Then I make sure the kids get their breakfast, get ready for school and after Denise and the kids leave the house, I have the time to get ready! Denise is the one who buys beauty products, so I’ll use any shampoo or shower gel that’s available. I also like to test all samples and products from our clients. What I do use every day is baby oil for my body after showering. And for my face a day cream from samples, or if that’s finished I use something from Denise. We both share our perfumes, because we use unisex. I’m not loyal to beauty products, because we come across a lot of brands we all love to test them.”


Sanaz, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: The skin is the largest organ and I believe we should take care of it the best way possible. Therefore, hydration from within is super important. I start me day with some warm water and some nice music & practice some yoga while the birds are waking up. Just kidding about the Yoga.. I wish lol!

So, I start my day by washing my face with lukewarm water. I don’t dry my face with a towel because I don’t like the structure of a towel in the morning. Also using your serum on damp skin will help your skin to absorb the product. In the morning I start my routine with a Salicylic acid serum followed by the Nimya glow serum. I can’t put on make-up anymore without the glow serum! I’m telling you this is a game changer! I break out quite easy around my nose and have tried a lot of different products to prevent this. Cerave day cream does the trick for me! Keeps my skin happy and of course less breakouts. Even if I’m not planning to ware foundation, I always finish with a glowy primer. At this moment, my #1 primer is the Nimya “Where it all starts” cream. I must use this cream daily even if it was only for this insanely good smell! 

Evening: I ALWAYS clean my face! Regardless of how tired I am.. I clean my skin and neck with a cotton pad & micellar water followed by the Cerave hydrating cleanser (the green pump!). Followed by the Wishful thirst trap juice, peptide serum and finishing with the Cerave PM cream. I did try using an oil ad night but after several oils I still haven’t found my way in this! The oily feel is just not for me. 

Holy grails (3 all-time faves)

  • Basically, all Cerave products affordable and good match with my skin type.
  • All Sol de Janeiro body products… If you are missing the summer during the dark winter days, u should be using this! 
  • Ben & Anna Deo Persian lime. 

Beauty tips

  • Dermaplan your face! By removing the peach fuzz your skincare will be better absorbed and your foundation will look so much better.
  • Mix a drop of Nimya glow serum into your foundation. 
  • Not a tip just a request: Please clean your face, use SPF & make sure to clean your make-up tools! #thankmelater ❤


Lieke, what are your beauty rituals?

Morning: I’m not really a morning person so it’s always hard for me to get out of bed. Therefore, I never start my day without showering to be fully awake for the day! After two years at Céleste, I’ve learned how to use the right skin and color cosmetic products for every day. I not only tested a lot of samples (that didn’t always work out for my skin..), but I’m also experimenting more with makeup (f.e. eyeshadows, highlighters, etc.) since I started here. However, that’s rarely and mostly only in the weekends. I’m namely pretty natural in my daily rituals. After brushing my teeth & drying my hair, I always start my routine with the “License To Glow” Serum of Nimya, followed by the classic Nivea day cream. The next step for me is applying a good primer. My favorite is definitely the “Where It All Starts” cream of Nimya since it gives you a natural, beautiful glow. I finish my routine by covering all the blemishes in my face with a concealer & some mascara on the lashes. Before I leave the house, I will always spray with my perfume and only then I’m ready to go! 

Evening: Before I’m going to bed, I’m not doing much. I brush my teeth, put my hair in a bun and I make sure that my face is completely cleaned by using Micellar Water & cleansing wipes. 

Next to the daily routine, I’m also going to the beautician, pedicure and manicure every 6 weeks. It is of course good for my face, feet & hands, but for me the main reason to go is that I’m fully relaxing there.  

Holy grails (3 all-time faves)

  • My every-morning-shower session. I couldn’t survive without it!
  • Blistex! The best balm to recover from dry lips!
  • “License To Glow” of Nimya in combination with my Nivea day cream (sorry team).   

Beauty tips

  • Selfcare is important so treat yourself regularly! 
  • One size never fits all. Sometimes the product is just not working for you even though the good reviews from others. 
  • Cruelty-free is a must for all brands sold in the Europe market…!


Adil, what are your beauty rituals?

I usually wake up and head straight for a shower. I take long hot showers, every morning! My face wash and body wash are the same lol. I don’t use any moisturizer in the morning. And every 2 days I shave my edges with a pretty standard Gilette mach 3 razor. It’s classic and I’m still happy with that! For my beard and hair I do go to a hairdresser every 2 weeks, so about twice a month. And sometimes I go for a mani or pedi, but that’s like once or twice a year. Massages though, you can wake me up for that! I’ve been going every 2 to 3 months, and I can recommend everybody to do this. I usually have about 5 perfumes in rotation at all times; Tom Ford ‘back orchid’, Carolina Herrera ‘212 VIP’, Dior ‘Sauvage’, D&G ‘the one’ and Chopard ‘Oud Malaki’. These are the ones I current rotate. I change brands and perfume styles depending on the season. I think summer and winters require different perfumes.


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